If you have the desire to learn how to fly a helicopter, you have come to the right place. All flight instruction is done in a Robinson R44, the worlds # 1 selling helicopter.

“Intro Flight”

– Receive your SFAR 73 sign off, Spend an hour to an hour and a half talking to an instructor about the component of the helicopter and then fire up the helicopter for a half hour flight where you get to take the controls. Cost of the Intro Flight is $350.



“Private Pilot”

– Start fresh as a new pilot or if you are looking to get your helicopter add-on we can take care of your needs. This program is intended for those students who may be learning to fly as a hobby, or who are planning to purchase their own helicopter. It is also the first step on the path to Commercial Pilot. The minimum hour requirement by the FAA is 40hrs to get your Private rating.

Private Helicopter Pilot Requirements provides a full list of requirements!


“Commercial Pilot”

– The Commercial Pilot Program is oriented toward the student who wishes to make a career as a helicopter pilot. This course is designed to prepare you for the practical demands of professional flying. The certificate you obtain at the end of this course will qualify you to fly most of the commonly-used civilian helicopters.

Commercial Helicopter Pilot Requirements provides a full list of requirements!

All flight instruction is in a Robinson R44. Pricing below is for students ONLY


Flight Instruction Pricing Only

$440/hour (Nonrefundable)

Purchase a 5-hour block, the price is $420/hour. (Nonrefundable)

Purchase a 10-hour block and the price is $380/hour. (Nonrefundable)

Ground school is $40/hour.

Helicopter Flight Training Pricing

If you have any questions, please email Camron